The most common investing mistakes


Investing is the best way to protect against inflation and build wealth. However, there are also many hurdles to investing that can cause investors to lose money.

In this blog post we will show you the three most common investment mistakes to protect you from them.

Mistake Number 1

Make decisions based on emotions. We, humans, are very emotional beings, and often this is a good thing, but emotions are improper when it comes to investing. Because of emotions like greed or fear, we almost always make the wrong decisions when investing and losing money. Therefore, making decisions based only on numbers, data, and facts is essential.

Mistake Number 2

The assumption that you can time the market. Many people think they know whether the price of an asset will go down or up, and based on this assumption, they then sell their assets to rebuy at a lower price. This usually results in a problem if the market goes up against expectations; people get scared and driven by fear of missing out buy back at a higher price than the planned event they previously sold. Then if the price drops, they record high losses when they panic sell.

The truth is that no one can predict the market, and whoever claims he can be lying. You should know that time in the market is more important than timing the market; let investments do their time.

Mistake Number 3

To make individual bets. You often hear from friends or even influencers the latest investment tips in which you should invest all your money and which will make you rich quickly. What then usually happens is that most lose all their money. Because if you want to make such individual bets, you have to be an expert in this field, and only a few really are this. That is why it is essential to diversify your assets into different investment classes.

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